Mac Rendezvous Transportation

Hello to those of you who are going (or have kids going) to Mackinac Rendezvous! Here are a few important details to help you prepare for the weekend.

  1. Transportation. In order to facilitate transportation and make sure we don’t leave anybody behind, please use this form to let us know when you will be leaving and how many scouts you can transport. Even if you intend to transport only yourself and your scout/s, please sign up so we know your plans.
  2. What to bring: tent, lunch money (no more than $20), backpack, water bottle, rain poncho, camp chair.
  3. What to wear: Class A uniform must be worn on the island—even by adults (if you have one). Have both long and short pants (or convertible pants), a jacket, and a rain poncho.

Keep an eye open for another email with more details about how to get to our campsite, etc, coming later this week.


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