Messages 10/27/17

Greetings, adults of Troop 271!

It finally feels like fall, which means the weather is perfect for you to curl up with a cup of your favorite hot beverage as you carefully peruse this week’s long list of messages.

Popcorn. First, a huge THANK YOU to Alison Lovell for her fantastic work as Popcorn Kernel. Final returns were due this week, so if you have popcorn left in your possession, you are responsible for paying for it. If you have elected to do the cash buyout (or partial cash buyout), that money is also due. Please pay up so we don’t have to send John Mish after you.

Service. The next service project will be November 4 from 9-12 at the Calvin College ecopreserve. This will count toward conservation hours! Please sign up through the link in your Weekly Newsletter.

Scouting for Food bag distribution will be Thursday, November 9, starting at 4:30. We’ll meet at Lakeside Elementary and distribute bags through the neighborhood, then have a pizza dinner together before the regular troop meeting.

Greenbar. Next month’s PLC/Greenbar meeting has been moved up to November 2 (due to Scouting for Food). If your son is in leadership, please make sure he is there!

Thanksgiving outing. Our boys are planning some fun stuff to do with the Webelos we’ll be inviting to our Thanksgiving feast. We also need a few adult volunteers to help monitor some of those activities. In return, we’ll feed you some of the best food you’ll eat all year! The outing will be November 10-12 (or you can just come on Saturday) in Walker (by the Scout Shop).

Council events. Thanks to Dave Chynciski, our troop now has a regular representative at the Council Roundtables. This means we’ll be more aware of what is going on! We will be adding council events to the troop calendar, along with links for more information and registration. To be clear, Troop leadership will NOT generally be organizing Troop attendance at these events. You can register on your own, or get some friends to join you and organize a carpool. (I’ll be happy to help you send mass emails through TroopMaster if you’d like.)

Keep an eye on your Weekly Newsletter for those events. There is some cool stuff coming up, including Cit in the Nation at the Ford Museum, Environmental Science and Electronics at Hope College, and Scout Night at a Grand Rapids Drive basketball game.

One other Council event of note: the Scout Shop will be hosting an “Ethan Tree” for the holiday season. This is like an Angel Tree with a scouting theme—you can choose a tag from the tree, buy the gift indicated, and the folks at the Scout Shop will see that it is delivered to the Scout who needs it. Our Thanksgiving outing will provide an excellent opportunity to visit the Scout Shop, stock up on Badge Magic and extra slides (or am I the only one whose sons regularly lose those?), and pay a little bit forward.

For a complete list of upcoming events, please refer to the Troop Calendar or your Weekly Newsletter!


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