Winter Camping Plan B

Greetings, Troop 271,

Due to lack of sufficient snow at Pigeon Creek, we have had to change our plans for this weekend’s campout. The good news is—we have a lodge (with heat and bunk beds) to sleep in! Here are the details:

Why: the people at Pigeon Creek don’t think there will be enough snow this weekend for snowshoeing/skiing, and the trails are not open for hiking in the winter. So there wouldn’t be much for us to do there.

New location: Kirk Park on Lake Michigan. Map it here, and see this map for park details. It should take about 50 minutes to get there from Mayflower. We’re staying at the Lodge.

When: We can arrive at the park between 4:30 and 8:00 pm on Friday. We’ll work out ride sharing details on Thursday at the meeting.


Friday evening—arrive before 8:00; eat supper on your own before arriving. We will have board games in the lodge, a night hike, and s’mores and hobo pies before bed.

Saturday morning—breakfast in the lodge, then packing up, hanging out, cleaning up, and making soup. We have to vacate the lodge before noon.

Saturday afternoon—fun with cubs! There are a variety of options to choose from, including hiking, geocaching, obstacle course building, and whatever else you come up with. (If there’s enough snow, I vote for a snowman building contest.)

Saturday evening—we’ll have you home in time for supper.

Who: the first 24 people who sign up can stay in the lodge! There is also room for a couple of small tents on the porch if someone needs the camping nights for advancement or OA.

If I’ve forgotten anything, please feel free to ask me questions.


Mrs. Carlson

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