Messages 4/16/18

Hi all,

I have just enough time while my son works on his family life merit badge (by doing dishes) to send out some quick messages. (Have I mentioned how much I love the family life merit badge?)

The weather is supposed to be decent this weekend, so sign up for the Shooting at Things campout! Even if you can’t stay the whole time, it’s close enough that you can come and go as needed. We’ll have lots of awesome gun (and maybe bow and tomahawk, as well) things to do.

Summer Camp
Final Summer Camp payment ($180/scout) is due to me by April 26. And don’t forget to schedule your son’s physical.

Service Projects
We are working on an alternate date to make up for last weekend’s snowed out project. Meanwhile, plan to come help clean up the Mayflower grounds on May 5.

Court of Honor
The next Court of Honor is May 3! Everyone who is near rank advancement should have received an email from Mr. O’Brien this weekend. Encourage your son to complete those last requirements!

Rank Advancement
Speaking of completing requirements: Dr. Keil has offered to meet with boys who need to do EDGE method, GPS, camp gadget making, and other requirements of that sort at this Thursday’s meeting. Have your son check his handbook and/or email from Mr. O’Brien to see what he needs to do (some of the EDGE method stuff is pretty specific). Below is a list of boys who we believe will benefit from this, but others may be included as well.

Regan Cleves
Luke Merkel*
Drew Keil
Noah Chycinski
Jay Carlson
Colin Carlson
Sam Yocca
Ethan Woudwyk*
Chris O’Brien
Caleb Peterson
Whitaker Oosterman
Aidan Santiago

*A star indicates that the mile walk is still needed. If you can do that (and time it) before the meeting, we can sign that off too.


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