Messages 6/2/2018

Greetings and salutations, good people of Troop 271!

It’s been a while since I’ve sent a massive update, and this one contains a lot of important information. Please read carefully (or at least skim all the headers) so your son doesn’t get left out of the fun!

BACKPACKING, June 15-17, Manistee River Trail.

The boys who were at scouts last Thursday were enthusiastic about the backpacking trip, but some of them were concerned because they didn’t have the needed gear. Don’t worry: between what’s available in the gear room and in the Van Liere’s attic, nobody should feel like their son can’t go backpacking due to a lack of gear. HOWEVER, I need to know by this Thursday, June 7, what you have and what we need to help you gain access to. There is a gear list attached to this email—please go over it carefully and let me know what you need.

I expect every person who is planning to go backpacking with us to have his pack fully ready (including food and water) on Thursday, June 14. We will inspect and weigh the packs and re-distribute items as needed. We discussed gear at last week’s meeting, and we will talk about food this week.

Let me repeat: Leadership needs to know by Thursday, June 7, what each person needs AND what each person has so that we can determine how much and what kind of gear we need to gather. I don’t want anyone to be unable to go due to lack of gear, but I will not spend Friday, June 14, finding you a pack because you didn’t let me know soon enough that you needed one.

TIE-DYING this Thursday, June 7

We will be tie-dying Scooby-Doo T-Shirts for camp this Thursday. Please have your son wear old, cruddy clothes and shoes, as the risk of stains will be high.


Thanks to everyone who responded with good ideas for parking the troop trailers during construction at Mayflower this summer. We have worked out an arrangement with the church in which we will just move the trailers from one lot to the other as construction progresses. If you are willing to be “on call” to move trailers this summer, please let me know!


So far, I have received health forms from ONE camper (thanks, Danny). You can find all the forms you need at Adults: don’t forget that the DHS Clearance Request takes some time. Now would be a good time to mail it in.


If you are in town on June 23, please make working at the Reed’s Lake Run a top priority! This is both a service project and a fundraiser for our troop, so we need all hands on deck.

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