Summer Camp: Important Final Details

Greetings, parents of summer campers,

I know this email is long, but please read it carefully and take the appropriate actions. It’s the price you pay for having us take your kid off your hands for a whole week. ?


  1. We will meet at Mayflower at 11:30am on Sunday to load trailers and finalize rides.
  2. We will meet at the back corner of the middle lot,as the upper lot is still closed for construction. Be advised that Mayflower’s service ends at 11:30, so please be careful and respectful of pedestrians in the lower lot as you go through it to get to the middle lot.
  3. Your son should be wearing his Class A uniform, and he should be wearing his swimsuit under his uniform pants.

Drivers: The following people are definitely planning to drive to camp. If your name isn’t on the list but you want to drive anyway, we won’t stop you. We may load you up with an extra scout or two, however.

  • Constant—pulling the white trailer
  • Cleves—pulling the red trailer
  • Dedenbach—following the trailers
  • Carlson
  • Keil
  • Morgan
  • Rhein
  • Stong

Medications: If your son takes any prescription meds, please pack them in their original containers in a Ziploc bag with clear dosage and timing instructions. This year, we are asking parents to hand their sons’ meds directly to our camp medical officer, Dave Morgan, before we leave on Sunday.

Health Forms: If you haven’t turned in your son’s health forms yet, BE SURE you bring two copies, including copies of your insurance card, on Sunday. If you’re not sure whether you’ve turned your health forms in yet, call Erik (214-9144) to double check.

Gear: Your son should have four major items ready to load into the trailer when he arrives at Mayflower on Sunday:

  1. Plastic bin containing his clothes and the bulk of his gear, with his towel packed on top. You can find a Gear Checklist here. Please label the bin with his name and Troop 271.
  2. Sleeping bag (or sheets and blanket) and pillow wrapped together in a plastic trash bag. Please label the bag with his name and Troop 271.
  3. Folding camp chair. Please label the chair with his name and Troop 271 (are you sensing a theme here?).
  4. Backpack, containing LUNCH for the way up to camp. Please label the pack with his name and Troop 271. The pack should also contain a water bottle, labeled with his name and Troop 271 (definitely a theme going on). (Note: backpacks will not be loaded into the trailer.)

Merit badges: If your son was at the meeting on Thursday, he should have received his merit badge schedule (don’t worry, I’ll bring another copy on Sunday). He can find more info about prerequisites, etc., on the Summer Camp 2018 section of the Troop website (

Did I miss anything? (Probably…) If you have any questions that aren’t covered in this email, please feel free to call me at 634-7322. Otherwise, I’ll see you on Sunday!


PS—Don’t forget to sign up to bring a dish to the Potluck on Wednesday!

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