Summer Camp Payment Dates

I know it’s hard right now even to believe that summer is a thing that exists. But it will be here before you know it, and if your son wants to go to Summer Camp at Gerber with Troop 271, here’s what you need to know:

When: July 14-20

How much: 

  • Total Cost is $330 ($305 for the younger brother, if you have more than one going to camp)
  • First Payment of $150 is due February 28
  • Final Payment of $180 is due April 25

You can turn in a check to LaVonne Carlson or John Mish at any meeting, or contact LaVonne to make other arrangements.

What: For those of you who are new to this, summer camp is a great time for the boys to hang out, build relationships, challenge themselves, and earn merit badges. We sleep in tents (or hammocks), shower occasionally, eat together in the mess hall (except on Wednesday–more on that later), and drink a lot of slushies. It’s a good time. We also need a few parents to join us, so if you’re interested in coming for some or all of the week, please let me know! Adults cost $160 for the week, and it’s pro-rated by the day for partial weeks.

The boys will be able to start signing up for merit badges in early March.

Also, please be aware that your son will need an annual physical before attending camp. Here is the link to the physical form. Be sure to have your son’s doctor fill out Part C!

If you have any questions or are interested in pursuing a “Scoutership” (scholarship), please let LaVonne or Erik know!

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