2019 Popcorn Info

A message from our Popcorn Kernel, Tim Stong.

After their first $350 in sales, Scouts will earn 34% toward their personal troop expenses (campouts, etc.) for Take Orders and Take and Sell and 35% on all Online Sales. 

Take Orders

  • Take order forms can be turned in at the Oct 17th troop meeting and no later than the Thursday, Oct 24th troop meeting. 
  • Tim will take all money collected up front if available.
  • Tim has extra forms if needed, or you can download/print additional forms.
  • Final popcorn pickup will be the weekend of Nov 8-10th.
  • All deliveries and collected money are due by Nov 21st.

Take and Sell

  • You are welcome to arrange pick up at Tim’s house or pick up at troop meetings (if coordinated in advance). 
  • Tim’s address is 2731 Schindler Dr NW, GR, MI. This form will be used to document all popcorn check out/in.
  • To ensure I have accurate inventory for our final order, all unsold take and sell items need to be returned at Oct 17th troop meeting.
  • Funds collected for take and sell will be collected with take order forms.

Show and Sell (Booth Sales)

  • Sign up for Show and Sell here.
  • Booth Sales will take total sales divided by total hours worked to get an hourly rate. This rate will be multiplied by hours worked to determine each scout’s Booth Sales total, which will be added to take order and take and sell sales to determine 34% earnings. 
  • Donations will also be split on a per hour basis for each scout.
  • Any scout who works a 2-hour shift (or greater) without another scout will get credit for 3 hours instead of 2. Hopefully, we can fill all times with 2 scouts, but working by yourself is significantly harder and will be rewarded.

Online Sales

Setup is easy, and you can find a setup video here.


Tim is working on prizes for top two sellers for the troop. Additionally, there will be prizes for selling $350, $750 and $1000 levels. More info to follow.

Check out this website for selling tips, training videos and sales materials

If you have any questions, email Tim Stong at etstong@yahoo.com or call 616-541-3524.

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