Dues Increase and Other Messages


There will be no regular meeting this week, due to Halloween. But since you’re free on Thursday, you should all come to Jay’s Eagle Project on Wednesday, from 3:30-7:00, at the Bunker Center/Calvin Ecopreserve. (See Jay’s email for more info—the project will continue on Saturday and Sunday.)

For those who didn’t know, Ben Bridge had knee surgery this week. He’s in a big brace, and will be on crutches for a while. Send him your thoughts and prayers for a quick and complete recovery!

If you haven’t already, don’t forget to sign up for Kid’s Food Basket by October 31. We will serve there in place of our meeting on November 7. If the slots are all full, just add your name to the waiting list—there will be plenty for everyone to do.

And finally, an important message from our treasurer, John Mish:

Every year the troop establishes our dues by reviewing past years’ costs for troop activities and factoring in insurance and registration fees paid to the national Scouts BSA and the Michigan Crossroads Council. This year the troop set the dues at $125 in early September.   

Unfortunately, in late September we learned that the national Scouts BSA registration fees and insurance costs would increase. Last week, we received an email confirming that the cost per Scout will increase by $27 and the cost per adult will increase by $15 for the 2019-20 Scouting year. These unexpected increases would result in about a $1,000 shortfall for our troop.

The troop committee met and decided we needed to explain the situation to you and ask you to pay the additional fees by Nov. 15 so that the troop will have sufficient funds to pay our re-charter fee when it is due in early December.

The two options are:

  1. Pay the additional $27 per scout, plus $15 per adult (if applicable)  OR
  2. Contact the treasurer (jmish493@gmail.com) and request that the additional fees be deducted from your Scout account if available.

We apologize for the change in dues; we did not foresee this increase in fees. Even with the increase, we believe our annual dues represent a good value for the quality program Troop 271 provides for Scouts. We thank you for your understanding and continued support of our troop.

Following is the formula we use for calculating dues, including the increases (marked by an asterisk).

Scouts  (assume 26 scouts)                          Was                                       Now

Annual Registration – National                    $33.00                                   $60.00*

Boys’ Life                                                             $12.00                                   $12.00

Michigan Crossroad Insurance                    $12.00                                   $12.00

Unit Liability Fee                                              $1.00                                     $1.00

Charter Fee                                                         $1.54 ($40/26)                   $2.31 ($60/26)*

Friends of Scouting                                          $25.00                                   $25.00

Merit Badges (10 per year @$3 each)      $30.00                                   $30.00  

Rank Emblem (1 per year)                            $3.00                                     $3.00

Total                                                                      $117.54                                 $145.31


Annual Registration – National                    $33.00                                   $36.00*

Background check and Scouting magazine                                             $12.00*                Total                                                                      $33.00                                   $48.00*               

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