COVID-19 Plan

Greetings, Troop 271,

Unless this is the first email you have opened after returning from an extended, remote backpacking trip, you’re probably heard plenty about the coronavirus / COVID-19. Our troop plan is currently to continue meeting until one (or more) of the following happens:

  • Our local council recommends that troops suspend meetings
  • Local high and/or middle schools begin closing
  • Our local government recommends that groups of our size suspend meetings

We will be sure to keep you updated if/when we decide to cancel regular troop meetings or outings.

Meanwhile, please use common sense! If you have reason to believe that someone in your family has been exposed to coronavirus, stay home. If someone in your family is sick, stay home. And if you are simply worried and don’t want to risk additional exposure, feel free to stay home. 🙂

Otherwise, see you tonight.

Mrs. Carlson

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