I Say POP! (you say corn)

First, a huge THANK YOU to Alison Lovell (Gehrig’s mom, for those of you who don’t know) for courageously taking on the role of Popcorn Kernel! If you were at the meeting on Thursday, this message is a summary of information you already know—just skim to the Important Dates part. If you weren’t at the meeting, please read this carefully and feel free to ask questions.

The per scout popcorn sales commitment this year is as follows:

Popcorn Sale Cash Supplement
$350 (or 3 group Show & Sells*)
$250 (or 2 group Show & Sells*) $35.00
$125 (or 1 group Show & Sell*) $80.00
No sales $120.00

*based on projected sales of $250 per Show & Sell

You can fulfill your fundraising requirement in several different ways:

  • Simply pay $120 cash
  • Participate in group Show & Sells (see this signup sheet)
  • Do individual take-order sales (we’ll have sales sheets available at the meeting next Thursday)
  • Do individual Show & Sells (contact Alison at alisonplovell@gmail.com to make arrangements)
  • Any combination of the above

Please keep careful records of your sales, including online sales! We will make every effort to keep good records, but we can’t guarantee that no mistakes will be made.

NEW THIS YEAR! If your scout sells more than $350 worth of popcorn, 34% of the extra sales will go into his “scout account,” to be used for his Troop activities. So, for example, if your scout sells $800 worth of popcorn, he will receive 34% of $450, or $153, in his account. (total sales – $350) * 0.34 = amount added to scout account


This Saturday, September 16: Next order due to Council. If you plan to do individual Show & Sells, please let Alison know and give her a rough estimate of what you would like her to order for you. (See below for details of what is available this year.)

October 26: Final returns. If you do not return any unsold popcorn in your possession by this date, you will be responsible for full payment to the troop. And we will hound you for it, believe me.

October 26: Final orders due. If you have done take order sales, you need to turn in your sheets to Alison by this date so she can place the order for you. And don’t forget to mark the prize/s your son wants!

NEW THIS YEAR: Reload/Return Wednesdays. Alison will go each Wednesday as necessary to gain additional product for show and sells and at anyone’s request. They don’t have all product available there, but they have most of it.  Please let Alison know at least 3 days in advance what you would need so that she can call in advance if necessary.

And finally, here is the product that is available this year:

  • Chocolate Lovers Collection – $60
  • Cheese Lovers Collection – $30
  • Salted Caramel (tin) – $30
  • Chocolatey Caramel Crunch – $25
  • Premium Caramel Corn – $20
  • Unbelievable Butter – $20
  • White Cheddar – $15
  • Classic Caramel Corn – $10
  • Popping Corn – $10

Any questions? Please contact Alison at alisonplovell@gmail.com for clarification and details. And don’t forget to get your Show & Sell orders in ASAP!



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