Scrip Details for Troop 271

Hi all,

First, many thanks to Elissa Stong, who has set up a Scrip account for Troop 271. If you’re not familiar with Scrip, it is a way to purchase gift cards for all kinds of stuff, from groceries at Meijer or Family Fare, gas, home improvement projects, clothes… there is a link below to all the vendors who participate. Each vendor then contributes a percentage of your purchase to the Troop. 100% of the money you raise this way will go directly into your family’s “scout account.”

Keep reading for more details from Elissa about how this works.


We have started a scrip program for the troop with Shop With Scrip. You will need the Troop enrollment code to sign up, which you can get from this flyer.

You can also use this flyer to learn how to sign up for Presto Pay. We will only be using Scrip Now (electronic/paper cards), no Plastic cards, as of right now.. We might in the future do a plastic card order. But it is too expensive in shipping to do all of the time. Also, all payment must go through the Presto Pay process, no cash or checks. All rebates will go back towards your Scout’s Troop 271 Account. I can run a report monthly/quarterly and let John know how much to add to your account.

To create a Scrip account, go to Easy Fundraising for Every Organization | Scrip Gift Card Fundraising and click on JOIN A PROGRAM. Follow the steps that follow, name, address, phone, etc…

You will be prompted to enter the enrollment code.

If you already have an account, you can have access to both accounts. All you have to do is log into your account, click on Dashboard, click on manage Non Profits, click on Join Another Non Profit.

You will need to decide which one you want as your Default account. But, when you are placing your order, you can change your non profit at the top of the payment page.

If you have more questions, Please feel free to call Elissa Stong at 616-214-5389.

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