2018-19 Outing Schedule and Other Messages

Hi all,

Thanks to everyone who made it to the outing planning meeting. We had a good turnout, and a lot of good ideas from the boys! The outing schedule is below; it is also posted on the Troop website, and will soon be on the Troop calendar. As always, the schedule is not carved in stone, but may be adjusted throughout the year based on weather, venue availability, and the ever-shifting forces of life in general. We will always be sure to give you as much notice as possible when changes happen.

As usual, we will be asking parents to sign up to coordinate outings. Be sure to look over the list and see which one you would most like to help out with.

First, a few more messages:

  • Our first meeting of the year is THIS THURSDAY. Please remember to use the main entrance to Mayflower, as other entrances are under construction.
  • Our first service project of the year is THIS WEEKEND, Friday evening and Saturday morning. Please see your Weekly Newsletter for more information and to register. We need all hands on deck!
  • The all-parent meeting is NEXT THURSDAY (September 13) at 7:00 at Mayflower. Be there, or you will be clueless about Troop activities all year!

One more very important item to note: the deadline for completing Youth Protection Training is fast approaching. If you have been paying any attention to the news lately, you will know how very important it is for youth organizations to both have policies and enforce policies that will keep our sons safe. All adults and parents in the troop (whether you are officially “registered” or not) MUST complete the new Youth Protection Training before October 1. I have a list of those who haven’t finished it yet, and I will post it publicly to shame you if you haven’t done it by September 17!

You may complete YPT at my.scouting.org. Remember that it is not complete until you have downloaded the PDF certificate and emailed it to Mr. O’Brien or me (preferably both). I’m happy to help you out if you have any questions!

Now at last, here is the list you have been looking for:

September 21-13: Shooting at Things at Grand Valley Cap’n’Ballers, Hopkins, MI

October 19-21: Haunted Woods at Rota-Kiwan Scout Reservation, Kalamazoo, MI -or- D Bar A Scout Ranch, Metamora, MI

November 9-11: Thanksgiving Feast at the DeVos Center for Scouting, Walker, MI

December 8: City Hike in Chicago, IL

January 18-20: Cross Country Skiing at Pigeon Creek, MI

February 15-17: Winter Sports at Muskegon State Park

March 16-18: Beach Time at Three Huts on a Cliff, near Muskegon, MI

April 19-21: Air Museum, either Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, OH -or- Airzoo, Kalamazoo, MI

May 17-19: Dune Hike at Sleeping Bear Dunes, MI

June 21-23: Cars, Cars, Cars at the Gilmore Car Museum, Hickory Corners, MI

July 14-20: Summer Camp -or- extended summer outing to an exciting new location—more details to be discussed at the parent meeting

Planning Meeting and Other Messages

Hello, parents of Troop 271,

Summer is drawing to a close (my kids are in school already, are yours?), and that means the Troop is gearing up for another awesome year of scouting!

This Wednesday, August 29: Please gather at Manhattan Park starting at about 6:00 for the Troop Picnic and Outing Planning Meeting. The troop will provide hotdogs; please bring a side or dessert to share. If you can’t make it but have an idea for an outing that you would like the Troop to consider, please email it to me!

Friday and Saturday, September 7-8: Our first Service Project is coming up fast, because they changed the date for the Reed’s Lake Triathlon. This is both a service project and a fundraiser, so we need all hands on deck! Please see the Troop Calendar or any of the reminder emails from Mary Ann Bridge for more information and to register. Register now if you want to guarantee a T-Shirt in your size.

Regular meetings will continue to be on Thursday this year. Thank you to everyone who responded to my query about possibly changing the meeting night—I think it was the biggest response I’ve ever received! For every family that said they would benefit from meeting on a different night, there was at least one family who really preferred to stick with Thursday; and among those who preferred a different night, there was no general consensus about which other night would be best. So it doesn’t seem like making a change is likely to provide an overall benefit to the troop.

Thursday, September 6: Our first regular meeting! Construction is ongoing at Mayflower Church, so they have asked us to enter through the main front doors for now. Please keep your eyes open throughout the fall for emails about updated access points as construction continues.

Thursday, September 13: Popcorn Kickoff and Parent Meeting. Please make it a priority to attend this meeting. We will discuss popcorn sales, dues, other fundraising ideas, leadership needs, and a lot of other important troop business. We will meet at 7:00 in the Youth Room of Mayflower Church.

YOUTH PROTECTION TRAINING: Any adult who wants to participate in Troop activities needs to complete the NEW YPT. This is true even if your old YPT isn’t expired yet. Please login at my.scouting.org, complete the course, and email a copy of your completion certificate to Tom O’Brien or me. Don’t make us have to hunt you down and harass you to complete this!

Court of Honor Dates: For those of you who are super organized, here is a list of this year’s planned Courts of Honor. Mark your calendar and save the dates! (Dates may be changed due to the pressures of life…but hopefully not too much.)

September 27, 2018
December 6, 2018
March 21, 2019
May 30, 2019

Messages 3/24/18

Good Morning, Troop 271!

Just a few quick reminders as we start thinking about Spring Break.

  1. There will be no meeting this week, due to Maundy Thursday. There will be no meeting next week, due to Spring Break.
  2. Final Summer Camp Payments ($180) are due April 26. I haven’t received very many Merit Badge requests yet, so please remind your sons to turn those in ASAP (you can email them if you like). And don’t forget to schedule a physical!
  3. Our next outing is April 20-22: Shooting at Things! Sign up now.
  4. Our next service project is April 14: a conservation project at the Bunker Center (Calvin College).
  5. Don’t forget to do the new Youth Protection Training at my.scouting.org.

I hope everyone has a warm and sunny spring vacation. See y’all on the other side!

Summer Camp Deposit and YPT

Hi all,

A couple of VERY IMPORTANT announcements:

First, SUMMER CAMP DEPOSITS ARE DUE THIS THURSDAY. If your son/s are planning to go to summer camp this year (and I hope they all are), I need confirmation and $150/scout by March 1. If you can’t make it to the meeting on Thursday, feel free to mail me a check (made out to BSA Troop 271, mailed to LaVonne Carlson, 1719 Woodcliff Ave SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506), or call me to make other arrangements (616.634.7322).

Second, the BSA has updated their YOUTH PROTECTION TRAINING, and everyone is required to re-take it.

Why? Because having strong policies that are consistently enforced is one of the best ways to prevent abuse from happening.

Who? Anyone age 18 or older who participates in Scouting. If you camp, drive boys to camp, lead merit badges, hang out at meetings… basically, if you get close enough to a Scout to sneeze on him, you need to do this training.

When? As soon as possible, but definitely before the next time you participate in an overnight event. July 15 is the latest deadline for our troop.

How? Go to my.scouting.org and login, then click on the grey and red circle that says YOUth protection begins with YOU. After that, follow the instructions on the screen. The training takes about an hour. When you have completed it, be sure to print the certificate or save it as a PDF and send it to Tom O’Brien (troop271advancements@gmail.com).

Then, while I have your attention, here are a few more messages:

I just received word that Mayflower is NOT planning to host IHN this rotation, so you can take that service project off your calendars. Stay tuned for Plan B… and keep Drew Crowley’s Eagle Project dates in mind (the next three Saturdays from 10-12 at St Stephens Gym).

Merit Badges for March will include Citizenship in the Community, led by Dave Morgan, and Game Design, led by Todd Powell. In the works for April are Wood Carving and Wilderness Survival.

The next outing will be March 16-18 at The Huts, the Rheins’ (beautiful) cottage on Lake Michigan. Adults can stay indoors. Sign up early to reserve the comfy beds!